Psilocybe Pelliculosa (Conifer Psilocybe)


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Psilocybe Pelliculosa is a potent magic mushroom that can be found in the Conifer forests of North America. This strain is characterized by its small, brown caps and thin white stem. Psilocybe Pelliculosa is a close relative of Psilocybe cyanescens, another potent mushroom that can be found in the same habitats.

Psilocybe Pelliculosa is one of the most popular magic mushrooms among experienced users, due to its high potency and unique effects. This mushroom is known for producing powerful visual hallucinations and intense spiritual experiences. If you are looking for a magic mushroom that will take you on a wild ride, Psilocybe Pelliculosa is the perfect strain for you.

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Psilocybe pelliculosa is a species of magic mushrooms first discovered by mycologist Alexander H. Smith in 1937. Mistakenly classified under the genus Psathyrella, it was reclassified as one of the nearly 200 mushrooms under the genus Psilocybe because of the hallucinogenic compounds it contains: psilocybin and psilocin.

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The “pelliculosa” epithet on its scientific name is derived from the Latin word “pellicula” which means “film.” It refers to the gelatinous pellicle or outer covering of the cap. This magic mushroom is also known as the “conifer Psilocybe” or the “striate Psilocybe.”

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Psilocybe Pelliculosa is a species of magic mushroom that is native to North America. This type of mushroom is known for its conical cap and white stem. It typically grows on wood chips and decomposing wood. Psilocybe Pelliculosa is one of the most potent types of magic mushrooms, with a high concentration of the psychoactive compound psilocybin.

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Psilocybe Pelliculosa is one of the most popular strains of magic mushrooms. It is known for its potent effects and distinctive blue colour. This strain is also relatively easy to grow, making it a great choice for those interested in cultivating their own mushrooms.

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