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The Golden Teacher mushroom is a real spiritual classic and a popular choice among many users. It’s fair to say that this psychedelic mushroom is one of our most popular with many users experiencing a profound trip

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Buy Golden Teachers Magic Mushroom Online, This mushroom strain has been around for many years getting its name from its yellow-gold caps and wise teachings it gives users. The Golden Teacher is a Psilocybe cubensis mushroom from the psychedelic mushroom group and was first classified in the 1980s.

Golden Teachers considered a potent mushroom and can give you a strong trip so keep this into consideration if you are taking mushrooms for the first time. This mushroom strain gives a more intense trip than some other strains such as the Colombia and Ecuadorian.

Overall, the Golden Teacher mushroom is a suitable mushroom to consume for beginners if taken in moderation. Many people find this strain the perfect introduction, the mushroom is a favorite with regular mushroom users with many returning to consume on a regular basis.

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Golden Teachers known for offering a mild psychedelic high and is seen as a great gateway mushroom. The effects of this strain are known for the shamanistic properties and spiritual effects.

Many Golden Teacher users report feeling a bodily warmth and euphoria with some light visual hallucinations. This strain has the perfect effect for people looking for a deeper conversation with profound thoughts. And a psychedelic trip all at the same time. As the name “Golden Teacher” suggests. The mushroom has the ability to provide new psychedelic experiences by unraveling some of the universe’s most amazing mysteries.

The beauty of this mushroom strain is that many consumers report having felt a different view of life from an alternative angle after taking Golden Teachers.

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The typical dosage of magic mushrooms like Golden Teacher is between 1 to 2.5 grams. For beginners, we recommend a slightly lower dosage level if you are a first-timer in the world of magic mushrooms.

Looking to buy Golden Teacher magic mushrooms? You can find them at NY Magic Mushrooms, an online store that specializes in magic mushroom products. Golden Teacher mushrooms are a popular choice for those looking to experience the benefits of magic mushrooms. As they known for their high quality and potent effects.

At NY Magic Mushrooms, you can purchase Golden Teacher mushrooms in a variety of forms, including dried, capsules, and tinctures. You can also find a variety of other magic mushroom products at the store. Including other strains of mushrooms, grow kits, and more.

The key when consuming Golden Teacher is to stay hydrated and don’t mix the consumption with any other drugs or alcohol. It’s important to remember when taking mushrooms that not everyone reacts the same. So understanding this may take you a few experiences before you find your level.


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